Shonda gastro bar

Shonda gastro bar

Cafeteria & Pastry
Cafeteria & Pastry

Welcome to the place where unforgettable chocolate memories are created! Our cafeteria is located at the site where the first Serbian chocolate factory stood more than a century ago. We have retained the sweet past and industrial elements, combined them with urban design and created a place where unique experiences are made. Take a break on a busy Belgrade day and spend the evening with the sounds of good music. The Shonda Gastro Bar has two entrances for our guests - one through the modern ambiance of the hotel from Solunska Street, and the other through the door of the first Serbian chocolate factory from Cara Uroša Street. Indulge in a true delight with creamy coffees, chocolate drinks and various other delicious treats with the Shonda Seal.


Get ready for an unforgettable experience and enjoy the multitude of flavors wrapped into our treats which are bound to appeal to all of your senses. Formerly the first chocolate factory, today a factory of exceptional flavors combining the traditional with the modern. From authentic Serbian dishes and international cuisine to various sweet delicacies - you’ll find it all on our menu.


Lovers of good cocktails and quality music - welcome to the new place in town just for you! Whether you just want to get together with the usual gang or indulge in good music - our bar is the right place for you. We have prepared a wide assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks that go perfectly with them, and the best bands and DJs whose performances give a special note to our musical evenings.



Beef tartare

Traditional recipe of specially aged beef fillet with authentic spices and flavored butter, served with crispy toast

Smoked salmon

Marinated with sea salt and cayenne pepper served with avocado, lemon cream and cold quinoa salad

Creamy chicken soup

Chicken cream soup with coconut milk and flavored vegetables

Tomato soup

Tomato soup with fresh basil and diced salmon

Crispy chicken

Rolled chicken in crispy Asian crust with sweet sauce and roasted pumpkin puree, served with mustard seed and crispy potato

Beef steak

Beef steak in herb marinade, served with mashed peas and spices, crispy potato cake and bruschetta with red onion and parmesan jam

Sea bass fillet

Norwegian sea bass fillet with pesto, served with lemon cream and quinoa, vegetables and chard

Crispy prawns

Crispy prawns in panko pretzels served with restored potatoes and fennel salad and red radish

Shonda’s Olga

70% chocolate honey gouache / milk chocolate mousse / hazelnut crunch / fresh fruit

Timeless delicacy

Chocolate milk cream and caramel

Three acts

Nougat / white chocolate with lavender / milk chocolate with orange / black chocolate with chili pepper


Chocolate genoa / vanilla cream cheese / pistachio krembl

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